An independent book publisher that gives you your chance

Entrust your manuscript to a well-established book publisher

It's easy to find a book publisher; there are plenty of them after all. Persuading one to publish your book is another matter. Les Editions Du Net is an independent publisher whose mission is to make publication accessible to as many people as possible, and particularly to people who are passionate about writing but are held back by the rigidity of the publishing world. We make self-publishing much simpler, with a publishing process that is easy to set up, a fast printing estimate and the possibility of distributing your book on the largest on-line book distribution platforms, such as or You have just found much more than a book publisher. You have found a gateway to your readers.


An independent publisher, but a vast distribution network

Not all book publishers open the same doors. Although Les Editions Du Net is an independent publisher, it opens those of the largest distribution platforms on the French market:, and the bookshop networks Chapitre and Dilicom. Because self-publishing should not be a battle to reach your readership, we offer you advantageous rates, particularly for the PDF and ePub versions of our books, which are easy to download by future readers. This all comes free of publication charges through a simplified process. You can even distribute excerpts free of charge on your own website with the U-Reed reader, through the same approach as video streaming!