Titania 2.0. - Version anglaise

Titania 2.0. - Version anglaise
Pauline Pucciano


Grand Prix de la Francophonie 2015:
Best French-Language Manuscript!

Paris, 22nd century. In an ultra-liberal society where everything is for sale, against a background of multiple virtual realities, the latest craze is personal creation, or “self art”. Titania is one of the many names of a young woman addicted to this art: everything about her is artificial and modified. The story relates the fleeting love affair between a rather old-fashioned poet in mourning and this elusive creature.

“Through the medium of an enthralling love story, Titania 2.0 brilliantly poses the existential questions of our time. Pauline Pucciano's style in this book is a skillful balance of fluidity, poetry and precision. The tale is discerning, tender and incisive, and the plot rides a wave of irresistible suspense.”
Wilfried N'Sondé, Grand Prix de la Francophonie.


Pauline Pucciano specializes in fantasy fiction. Inventive writing and psychologically convincing characters are constants in her diverse worlds, invariably characterized by an unerring esthetic sense.

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Titania 2.0. - Version anglaise

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