The Business Meeting

The Business Meeting
Choukri Karabach


You get graduated, and out of sudden you find yourself in a first business meeting to get a job. You get a job, and before acquiring enough experience yet; you are demanded to make successful sales meetings. You don’t know how successfully you did to get recruited, and surprisingly one day you have to make a job interview to a candidate. Nobody teaches you these things, but you have to do them. This book is made to help you especially for this purpose.


Choukri Karabach has studied Civil Engineering at the National Polytechnic School in Algeria. He obtained his Engineering Diploma with the Excellence Degree in 1999. Followed by many diplomas and trainings in many fields passing by: Business Administration, Management, and Sales.
He occupied various functions, from Site Engineer in Construction Companies, to Managing Director in a Multinational company, or Managing Director and Owner of a Group of Companies. In total 18 years experience.
He has published many books in various types, literary novels and guides for business.

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The Business Meeting

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