On-line consultation


There are two ways to distribute your documents on the internet:

  • Downloading: internet users download your documents; the most commonly used forrmats are pdf and epub
  • Streaming: this term is used more for video, but the approach is similar for documents. Internet users consult your on-line documents on a reader.


Les Editions du net uses two processes to distribute your digital books or documents:

  • The sale of digital books through downloading; the internet user must of course buy the book, available in both pdf and epub formats.
  • The free distribution of excerpts of books using the U-reed reader.


If you wish to distribute all or part of your documents on your own website (or blog) you can use the U-reed reader free of charge: http://www.u-reed.com


If you wish to create a document in epub format, you can download an ebook editor on the internet free of charge: http://code.google.com/p/sigil/