Book publishing, on-line French publishing house

Book publishing:
a dream finally within reach of every author

A French publishing house at the service of authors

Does publishing your book seem beyond your reach and are you unable to find a publisher? With Les Editions du Net, the on-line publishing house, you benefit from all of the advantages and services of a market leader. This solution is ideal for independent authors, offering the distribution of your work to a maximum number of readers. Whether the book is digital and/or hardcopy, internet users benefit from an extensive network, which includes the website, book purchasing platforms (Amazon, Fnac, etc.) and the booksellers within the Dilicom network. The on-line French publishing house puts its experience and contacts at the service of every author. Create your account in a few clicks and send us the technical details of your project. Now anyone can publish a book!

The many advantages of an on-line publishing house

With an on-line publishing house it costs you nothing to create and distribute your work! Learn about our completely free package and calculate your potential copyrights thanks to our simulator of revenues from your sales. And if you are not a layout specialist, the French publishing house offers you turnkey solutions. There is no doubt that with Les Editions du Net you will be working with a real team of specialists! End your dependence on the book publishing industry and realise your dream of publishing a book. To release it for sale you can also request an ISBN free of charge. Les Editions du Net will take of the legal deposit process on your behalf free of charge!