How to publish a book for novel publishers

Creating a book is no longer a mission impossible

A solution for independent novel publishers

Creating a book is not easy! Aside from the writing process, other key factors come into play. For instance, every novel publisher must choose a graphic charter or template. With Les Editions du Net, authors can benefit from many tips and suggestions on how to publish a book. Learn about all of the advantages and services of an on-line publishing house and finally publish the book that you have always dreamed of. In a few clicks, you can send us the details of your project and we will give it shape. With Les Editions du Net, creating a book is now within the reach of every novel publisher. Don't wait any longer to benefit from the experience of a market leader!

Create a book with tips from a specialist

How can you publish a book free of charge? We provide an answer to this question. With Les Editions du Net, you can release your book without paying a single euro, either before or after publication. You can even make money! Click on the copyright simulator to find out more. Through our network as a leading publishing house your book is also offered to as many potential readers as possible. This includes the website, book purchasing platforms (Amazon, Fnac, etc.) and the booksellers within the Dilicom network. We can offer you our many, valuable contacts. Novel publishers no longer need to create their book alone!