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An alternative approach to on-line book selling

Discover another way of selling books on-line with Les Editions Du Net. As an independent on-line publisher we offer all writing enthusiasts the chance to be published and make it easier to distribute their works on the main on-line book selling platforms and on our own website. New books therefore regularly become available in hardcopy, PDF or ePub format, and the book search tool makes it easy to find specific books, by theme, author or title. In this the tablet and smartphone era, you can opt for the digital version of the book of your choice and dip back into it whenever you get a free moment!


New books to regularly surprise you

Everyone has their favourite authors. However, the advantage of on-line book selling on Les Editions Du Net is that you can be tempted by a book that would never have been showcased on an ordinary website. The new books offered on our website are mostly written by enthusiasts who have never been taken seriously before because of a system that makes it difficult to break through. Search for a book, take a look at the book's subject and biography and immerse yourself in an adventure whose existence you would never have suspected. Literary talent is everywhere and on-line book selling is finally giving all readers the opportunity to discover up and coming, original authors.