A fast and comprehensive book printing estimate

The book printing estimate, the starting point of your project

Asking for a book printing estimate from Les Editions Du Net potentially means taking your first step towards a promising literary career. The cost of printing a book is often unaffordable for many budding writers who end up turning to self-publishing after multiple rejections by publishing houses. However, Les Éditions Du Net goes further than its book printing rate, as the goal that drives us is to give talented people a platform and resources previously denied them. Thanks to our excellent knowledge of the printing world and an effective network, we can help you, based on the book printing estimate, to launch your project.


Find out Les Editions du Net's book printing rate

The main advantage of asking Les Editions Du Net for a book printing estimate is that you will be dealing with a publishing house whose reputation is established, whose network is constantly expanding, and above all that places global orders with printers that largely exceed what individuals are able to negotiate. The book printing cost that we can offer you is therefore very advantageous compared to the book printing rate offered by default by printers. You can also benefit from our expertise throughout your project, from the publishing of your book to its distribution on the main French platforms (Amazon.fr, Fnac.com, etc.). Contact our specialists today to find out more!