Stop looking for a publisher, you've already found one!

You can now publish a book in a few clicks

The search for a publisher is often a long and exhausting process. How many budding writers have given up because it's so difficult to get a foot in the door of publishing houses? Publishing a book yourself is also extremely challenging and requires thorough knowledge of the publishing world. With Les Editions Du Net, publishing a book can finally become an easily achievable dream. The hardest thing is writing your book. You no longer need to worry about finding a publisher or about all of the endless steps to be followed to have your manuscript approved. And your work can be distributed on the main on-line book selling platforms, like Amazon or Fnac. You can publish your work in a few clicks making it available for readers to download onto their tablets.


The search for a publisher is over: experience the thrill of being published

The advantage of no longer having to move mountains to find a publisher is that you can spend your time and your energy doing what you love: writing. With Les Editions Du Net's on-line tools, publishing a book is just one simple step between the writing process and the book's arrival on distribution platforms. We help you to publish your book and win over future readers in its hardcopy or digital versions (PDF or ePub). There is nothing like seeing the fruits of so many hours of creation finally taking tangible form, finally being released and finally being read by others. The literary world is preparing to go through the same internet revolution as music did a few years ago. Be a part of it!