The printing of a book, the realisation of a dream

Finally experience the thrill of having your book printed

The idea that printing a book is an almost impossible, extremely costly process is still widespread, but is now obsolete. With Les Editions Du Net, publishing a book is now a reality within everyone's reach. You will be provided with the tools to publish your book free of charge and can make it accessible on-line in just a few clicks. You will be guided throughout the layout process and your impatience to see your book take shape will end with the immense pleasure of seeing the final result. To print a book in hardcopy format, just request an estimate from the experts at Les Editions Du Net to set the ball rolling.


Let Les Editions Du Net manage the publishing and printing of your book

You can't wait to start printing your book. This may be the start of your literary career or, quite simply, the realisation of a dream. In both cases, the pleasure of writing and sharing that drives you has found the perfect outlet: Les Editions Du Net. Publishing a book is no longer the obstacle course that it was all too recently. The process is becoming more democratic, in the same way that the internet has given many singers and groups exposure with limited expense. Thanks to Les Editions Du Net, you will directly enter the publishing world, benefiting from a very easy to follow publishing process. Your dream is now only a few clicks away.