How do you market your book?

We advise you to do the following to promote your book:

  • Facebook: announce the release of your book a few days early; create an event.
  • Wikipédia: create your author page, create a page on the subject or add to an existing subject and add your book to the subject's bibliography.
  • Media: send a press release and send reminders to journalists, offering to send them your book.
  • Local events: participate in cultural events, conferences, trade shows, etc., in your region.
  • Emailing: send an email to all of your contacts on the day of your book's publication with a link to your book's page on (you can ask us for your book's cover to include it in your email).
  • Bookshops: send an email shot to local bookshops (don't forget booksellers in shopping centres, such as cultura), proposing a signing session with a special 40% reduction. (At your request, we can produce a presentation of the book in PDF format on your behalf and print copies subject to an estimate.)

You can also "share your book" using the presentation on the following networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr.

Please contact us if you have any questions.