The Blue Headscarf

The Blue Headscarf
Marie Simonet et Guillaume Simonet


On Friday, November 24, 1944 in Cologne, Private Robert Bradley, posted as a scout from the Sixteenth Corps, Third US Army, Twelfth American Army Group, submachine gun in hand, his ears pricked and his eyes alert, discovered the dislocated body of what seemed to be a girl, her waist fixed flat by a wide leather belt to an upside down bed, lying across it, her head thrown back and her arms dangling. Motionless, with hollow eyes.
On the first day of the year 2005, there was an unpleasant surprise in store for the inhabitants of the peaceful Provençal village of Les Valats. In one of the houses, the first rays of bright, cold sunshine came in through the southern skylight and lit the living room wall where the blurred and grey shadow of a body was swinging.
Alternating between the history of Ukraine and the landscapes of Provence as backdrop, the authors invite the reader to delve into an intriguing destiny where local anecdotes are blended with authentic events, right to the tormented depths of their characters. In this narrative ride through space and time, is it possible to determine who the culprits are the victims of?


Researcher, Guillaume Simonet mainly writes scientific works. Marie Simonet already published at Éditions du Net: “Offrandes amères” et “Quattuor mezza-voce”.

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The Blue Headscarf

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