How I stopped snoring …

How I stopped snoring …
Jacques Cazan


We don’t talk about it and avoid the tension generating subject.  Snoring makes us laugh or even cry.  We very much want to get rid of it.  There are ways to fight it.  You will find an inventory of them herein, complete with advice on how to improve them, but that’s not all!  This book sets forth a natural and original manner of curing snoring and sleep apnea.  It’s an actively engaging method as opposed to others which confine the snorer to a passive role (drugs, surgery, etc.), proposing exercises by which the snorer strengthens and activates his oral cavity and refines its sensations.  Validated by numerous doctors, physical therapists and practitioners of alternative medicine, this book can be read on different levels:  by those who are just discovering their snoring problem as well as by those who are well aware of it but haven’t yet found a satisfactory solution.


The author whose pen name is Jacques Cazan is a professional flute player.  He has also practiced aikido for many years, as well as tai chi chuan and yoga.  These various forms of bodywork allowed him to develop and elaborate his series of exercises.  This book and his method are the fruit of his personal experience.  The detailed protocol you will find in it yields amazing results.

Presented at the Salon Mondial de la Kinésithérapie in Paris (World Fair of Physical Therapy)

“Snorers, try this method without delay!  Snorees will thank you for it.”
Rebelle Santé Magazine

“A book full of wisdom and humor.  To gift or to buy for oneself for the benefit of another… ;)”
Femmes Références

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How I stopped snoring …

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