What Pig Are You Feeding?

What Pig Are You Feeding?
Salma Michele


Hello and welcome to this nice journey, More than anything I want the journey to show how easy and sane humor & fun are, they very often give us relief from the burden of Blessedness and Ugliness. We should laugh at the absurdity of it all. I’m afraid this book does not offer concrete solutions. However, I’m quite sure these nice reflections would help you spotting amazing cases and strange situations whenever you want to laugh at everything, whenever you want some relief, whenever you want humor… It's always worthwhile to wear a smile. All the best SalmaMichele


Welcome, I’m Salma, a freelance writer and blogger, I’m also a student and a worker. I love humor and fan, I still really enjoy and feel inspired by In my book you’ll find some reflections about amazing daily workplace and life images. My main emphasis is on helping to make it more beautiful, to break toxic and ugly cycles with work and life, and make it more harmonious All the best SalmaMichele

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What Pig Are You Feeding?

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