Impossible Lovers

Impossible Lovers
Claude Cognard


CLAIRE is in charge of a jewelry store. FRANK is a small time hood. 
A jeweler, who dreams of prince charming, holds up as hostage the man who attempted to break her jewelry. 
CLAIRE, head of jewelry who has just been let down by a lover she hardly knew, believes that work is her one and only way out. Disappointed, despite the late hour, and after a few drinks, she returns to her jewelry, breaking a store policy, she has disabled security and the guards by pretending that she wants to take advantage of the quiet of the night to update her work. At the same moment, a young ex-con who just got thrown out of a bistro and is passing in front of the jewelry store and decides to break in. Rather than call the police or security, CLAIRE let him in.


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Impossible Lovers

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