Auteurs : Loïc Charles , Guillaume Daudin Catégorie : Sciences économiques
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Trade statistics are a unique source to broaden our understanding of early-modern economies and their evolution. Still, they have been under-utilized by researchers. This volume features a detailed panorama of early-modern trade statistics’ sources and discusses some of the ways they can be used to study the transformation of European commerce and economies in the late-eighteenth and early nineteenth century. It is of special interest for both economists and historians interested in the period of the first Industrial Revolution. In this special issue, Loïc Charles and Guillaume Daudin have gathered an wide-ranging list of scholars, experts in the economic history of early-modern trade from several countries. This volume include twenty-three short essays discussing the various available sources on trade data, as well as seven additional research papers. In total, it provides information on thirty five countries or areas. As to the research articles, three of them discuss methodological issues regarding the use of early trade statistics, and the remaining four others actually use some of these trade statistics to produce new insights.

A propos de l'auteur

The contributors to this volume are: Loïc Charles, Daniela Ciccolella, Ann Coenen, Javier Cuenca-Esteban, Guillaume Daudin, Béatrice Dedinger, Jean-Pierre Dedieu, Jari Eloranta, Hubert Escaith, Mathieu Grenet, Ragnhild Hutchinson, Alejandra Irigoin, David Jacks, Aidan Kane, Klemens Kaps, Szymon Kazusek, Lauri Karvonen, Jan Kochanowski, Cristian Luca, Silvia Marzagalli, Maria Cristina Moreira, Jari Ojala, Ulrich Pfister, Luisa Piccinno, Philipp Robinson Rössner, Werner Scheltjens, Donatella Strangio, Eoin Tennisman, Giovanna Tonelli, Jeroen van der Vliet, Patrick Walsh, Klaus Weber, and Andrea Zanini.

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Editeur : OFCE Collection : Revue de l'OFCE Date de parution : 30/06/2015 EAN13 : 9782312033785 Format : 150 x 225 Poids : 611 g Nombre de pages : 398

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